The only time you don't want to go to sleep is when your life is better than a dream

I am pretty sure that it has also happened to you, even though you probably haven't given it enough thought. It usually occurs when something good great amazing happens to you, something that gets the blood racing through your veins.

Picture this: you are living the best day of your life. Or the best day that you've had in a lot of time. It could be that you just got married, or had a baby, or you won the "Prom Queen / King" title or the first prize on an athletic competition, or you found the love of your life on a warm, starry summer night. Whatever dream came true, whatever makes you the happiest, because each of us have different goals, perspectives and expectations.

When is's all done, at the end of the day, when you get all warm and cozy in your bed, you do a recap of that best day of your life, reliving it over and over again with the most intense feeling of joy invading your soul - at least that is what I do. During those moments, you are the happiest human being on Earth, you don't wish to change a thing about your life, you feel motivated and impatient to see what tomorrow will bring. And you don't want to fall asleep and let all that joy take an eight hours break and then come back lightly or highly diminished.

So, the only time you don't want to get into bed and fall asleep is when your actual life is too good to be surpassed by any dream that you could have. It has happened to me, it has also probably happened to you, it has passed, it will come again and it will pass again. But that feeling, though...

I know that the pictures have nothing to do with the message of this post, but I've been thinking about elevating the level of my writing rather than limiting it to just a few words about the outfit that I am wearing. Don't get me wrong, this blog is still going to be a fashion blog, I am still going to share with you my fashion and beauty tips and the outfits that I love, but I am going to invest more artistic effort into the text that I am putting out here, because I think that thoughtful words, discussing an idea, are better than random words, used just to fill up some blank spaces.

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Photos by: Mădălina Spoială  @shipsinthenights

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