Absolutely in love with this awesome weather! Even though I'm a huge fan of layering and of cozy items, I must admit that I kind of missed wearing skirts and sleeveless tops. 

Later edit: the day when I had this shooting was NOTHING like this day when I am posting it. It is raining and it's awful. Think I'm gonna wear a long coat, because the umbrella simply isn't enough for this storm.

But, let's get back to brighter days.


I'm so excited to finally wear this gorgeous blue bag that I received for my birthday. I only owned black and nude bags of this type, so the moment I saw this beauty in the gift bag, my heart skipped a beat - literally. The shirt that I am wearing was also a birthday gift, and I have been looking everywhere, for months, for a shirt like this, because I knew that it would work amazingly with the skirt. It's gorgeous and I love it, especially because I received it from my dear best friend. 

Also, if you are not from Romania, you should know that the white and red bracelets that I am wearing (not sure if you can see them really well, but I am wearing two white and red thread bracelets) are the symbol of spring in Romania. On the 1st of March, every year, girls receive all sorts of cute pins and red bracelets, which symbolize the end of winter and the rebirth of nature. 



Photos by: Mădălina Spoială

Check out her photography blog here !

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