And I say it because this INCREDIBLE event has totally changed the way I was thinking about the fashion world.
I know I am very late with this post, but consider the following lines as my official apology.

DATE: 18 November 2015
LOCATION: Stejarii Country Club, Bucharest (luxurious, perfectly appropriate for the most glam event of the year)
GUESTS: the crème de la crème of the fashionistas society, plus the most famous eleven fashion bloggers in Romania
PARTICIPANTS: the most glamorous 100 girls, who were selected by the bloggers and graded by people and by a specialized jury
SPONSORS: Tommy Hilfiger, WELLA, MAC, Clinique, BaByliss, Colgate

Each person who signed up for this contest had to choose one blogger, to whom they had to send a street style photo of themselves, wearing an outfit which followed the most popular trends of the autumn-winter season.
I was lucky enough to be selected by the wonderful fashionistas, Diana Enciu and Alina Tanasă, from, and join their fabulous team.

As soon as I arrived to the venue, I was greeted by the amazing staff of Glamour magazine. I was extremely nervous, as I was standing in the doorstep of a room full of gorgeous ladies who were getting ready for the big night. After getting my hair done by the WELLA hairstylists, and my make-up done by the MAC makeup artists, I started wandering through the great hall of the venue, while analyzing all the other girls, wondering if they are part of the staff, participants or bloggers ( they were all extremely glamorous so I couldn't tell the difference ). After a while, I sort of found my team, or my team has found me, and we started talking about the big event (only after exchanging Facebook names and Instagrams, of course ).

At six o'clock we started practicing for the runway show. One hour later, the guests and fashion bloggers started to arrive, and their arrival was followed by delightful conversations and loooots of photos.

I almost forgot to mention the menu for the night!

The show started at 9 o'clock and it was followed by a lovely after-party.
Even though I wasn't one of the ten finalists, I don't regret signing up for this contest and attending it, because it was, honestly, a life-changing experience.
Glamour Street Fashion show has reminded me of how much I love and used to love fashion, and seeing all those amazing girls has motivated me to keep pursuing my dream of becoming a fashion blogger.

As a conclusion, I am going to advise you to always pursue your dreams, no matter how big they are or how far away from you they sometimes seem to be. And don't compare yourself to anyone! Nobody has started from the top, everybody had to start at the beginning and work as hard as they could to achieve what they wanted the most. Therefore, whenever you feel like your hard work is leading you nowhere, or when you feel lost and you forget what you really love, find your motivation, try to remember why you love those things and how happy you would be if your dreams became reality. Good luck!



Also, here is the link with a short film from the event, check it out! ;)

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