Top 10 (Emotional) Movies

Hi, everyone! I know that #chanelnoa is supposed to be a fashion / beauty blog, but I really feel like I should share with you some of the movies that I have seen throughout the years. I have decided to write this post because I just finished watching Hachiko: A Dog's Story  *still crying*. I know that I am 6 years late, but if it makes you feel better, this is not the only movie that I have watched years after it being released ( I know it doesn't make you feel better).

P.S: NO spoilers.

So here is the top 10 of the movies which almost / totally made me cry (the numbers after the names of the movies are the grades that I gave them):

1. The Theory of Everything     10+

I have chosen to never think about this movie again, because I fear that if I do, I won't be able to stop crying.
Awesome movie, I gave it a 10+, which is only for the best best best movies ever, and this is one of them.
I saw it at the cinema and, from what I remember, I started crying after the first 30 minutes, and I wasn't able to stop until 10 minutes after the movie was over. Beautiful, very emotional and totally worth watching.

2. Hachiko: A Dog's Story     10+

BEAUTIFUL is the perfect word to describe this movie, because it is not a thriller, nor a romantic story full of clichés, it is simply beautiful. Another movie that made me cry. It is perfect, simple and extremely complex at the same time, presenting the lovely relationship between a man and his dog. It is emotional, but not in a way that only girls will enjoy (because I know that boys tend to run away from movies which girls find emotional), it is a movie for every age and gender. I recommend it 100%.

3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button     10+

Another beautiful movie, beautiful actors, beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes, totally worth watching. I have just realized that I have sorted these movies according to the amount of tears that I cried for each of them.
To sum up, the movie is absolutely great, interesting and unforgettable.

4. Titanic     10 
Lovely story, I have watched this movie many times and I still like it a lot, even though, last time I saw it, I noticed that the main characters abusively say each other's name, like, every 5 lines. *just kidding*

After grading all the movies I realized that, even though I gave a 10 to the following movies, they deserve a 9,50, because they are beautiful, but not exceptional, like "wow, I could watch this over and over again and never get bored". My judgement may be affected by the passing of the time, but they are still great movies.

5. A Walk to Remember     10

6. The Fault in Our Stars     10

7. The Notebook     10

8. If Only     10

9. P.S I Love You     10

10. My Sassy Girl     8

Actually, after seeing photos of each 9,50 graded movie, I changed my mind again. They are all great movies and they deserve their 10.

Keep in mind that the grading system is not very accurate, because I have seen some of these movies many years ago and only graded them this year, so I might not remember exactly how I felt about them the moment I watched them.

And one more thing, I am VERY generous with the grades, meaning that, a movie that I really didn't like, will most likely get a 6 instead of a 2. But the ones who got a grade bigger than nine, are worth watching.

I really hope that you haven't already seen all of these and that I am helping you if you ran out of ideas as far as movies are concerned, but if you have seen these movies, let me know what you think about them in the comments below. ;)