Holiday Series: Part 2

Here is the second part of my travel essentials list. As I have mentioned in the previous post, this list contains items that you should take with you no matter where you go. As you might notice, I have added items such as shampoo or blow dryer, which you might also have at the hotel, but if you are not sure that the hotel that you have chosen offers the things mentioned above, you should take them with you, just in case.


You must take:

And here's a picture from my Instagram account, with my new hat, bag and my beloved Stradivarius scarf.
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I really hope that I haven't omitted anything, but if I did, make sure to tell me in the comments. I would also like to know what you thought about this list and if you found it useful. 
Part 3 of the Holiday Series is coming soon, with things you should take with you if you go to the seaside.


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